2018 Reunion

2018 Reunion

Holy shit…we back! This isn’t like every other “year in review” podcast out there…mostly because it’s 3 secular Jews catching up on a Wednesday while on Facebook Live for an episode that drops on Christmas. We chat all the reasons we haven’t been podcasting week to week and the vision moving forward. Simply, it’s 3 friends catching up as Chocolate Croissants was intended to be. We talk about Kevin the Bunny, Kevin the Drummer, and Matt’s wedding. We reference Periphery, Onnit, Ring of Honor, Raindeer, Alexei, and completely avoid cryptocurrency and Tiny Toon Adventures. <3

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Official Sponsor: RØDE Microphones

Audio Assist: Joe Hamilton (www.prismrecordingsuk.com)

Join our community to continue the conversation: facebook.com/groups/chocolatecroissants