Cowboy Shit with Leah Elson (Clinical Research Scientist)

Cowboy Shit with Leah Elson (Clinical Research Scientist)

Cowboy Shit with Leah Elson (Clinical Research Scientist)

Leah Elson is a star in every sense of the word. She walks her talk, and her talk is impressive and articulate. Leah joins Matt, Jordan, and Justin from Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a chat that spans peanut butter to biotech.

Although she was achieving success in sports broadcasting, her dad’s health issues inspired her to make a hard pivot toward studying science and medicine at Harvard. We explore more generally the process of changing our life trajectory and knowing when it’s time.

She explains how education become her escape route as a kid and how that set her up for academic success long-term, which has included programs at Johns Hopkins and now USC. Leah also works full-time, creates compelling content, and is a competitive athlete. She walks us through her marathon-length days of school, work, training, and more…all while finding time to compete at the NBC Titan Games combine.

What else can you look forward to in this chat:
• We ask if she knows what she’ll win the Nobel Prize for.
• She takes us through the origin of her popular “60 Seconds of Science” on Instagram.
• We discuss the pros and cons of genetic testing.
• We explore the importance for sleep, rest, and relaxation.
• We end with a tour of her color-organized bookshelf and learn her theory of “Where’s Waldo Destination Everywhere.”

You can look at our faces while listening to this conversation!

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