An Education In Listening with Chris Allison (Plini)

An Education In Listening with Chris Allison (Plini)

Educators! This is the episode for you. Chris Allison is perhaps best known for touring the world as drummer of Plini, but he’s both a highly skilled student and educator. Chris brewed his morning coffee and joined Matt, Jordan, and Justin from his home in Sydney, Australia. The front half of this conversation explores philosophies and methods of music education. But like most concepts the guys explore, the lessons can be extended far beyond music.

Chris also shares about the ways he learned to adapt in his transition from educator at home to performer traveling the globe. Some of these concepts have more recently been applied to adapting to life in quarantine. The guys also dig into active listening, communication in relationships, learning to cook, having a purpose to get up in the morning, “and more.”

Spoiler Alert: Chris is also awarded “Best Mustache.”

You can look at our faces while listening to this conversation!

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