EP 51 | Eric Koenreich (Fitness Coach & Family Food Dude)

EP 51 | Eric Koenreich (Fitness Coach & Family Food Dude)

Eric spent nearly a decade training to become and working as a professional wrestler. While he enjoyed success, notably in Ring of Honor, he came to a crossroads in the late 00’s and decided to move on. The transition was tough, leading Eric to a therapist to deal with binging behavior head on.

Eric shares his story of owning his shit and creating even greater successes as a result. He is a family man through and through. He’s a great content creator with much of his content being food related. We chat about the difference of quality over quantity when attracting an audience. Eric is also a coach of physical fitness and nutrition.

The leader of Team Lemon is a great model of masculity in a 2018 world. We dig into all of this and more on Episode 51!

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