Manage Your Dreams with Aaron “Bubble” Patrick (All That Remains)

Manage Your Dreams with Aaron “Bubble” Patrick (All That Remains)

Aaron “Bubble” Patrick understands the importance of cultivating intentional community. This is why he stepped up as tour manager in a previous band. Bubble joins Matt, Jordan, and Justin from Orlando, FL to tell the story of how tour managing put himself in a position to become the bassist of one of metal’s most enduring bands, All That Remains.

Bubble is an open book and shares some of the highs and lows on his adult journey. He recounts a tour accident in which the van and trailer flipped four times, and the panic attacks that came as a result. We explore the ways in which he navigated and overcame these events.

We dig into his passion for fitness, the many responsibilities of a tour manager, relationship building with brands on social media, the connections between pro wrestling and music, and more.

Bubble brings a warm, kinetic energy to the chat. Just the kind of dude that would welcome you to the tour bus party with a smile and a steak taco.

You can look at our faces while listening to this conversation!

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