Ep 79 | Plini

Plini joins Matt and Jordan from his home in Sydney, Australia. He leads a band in his namesake and is a REALLY GOOD guitar player and a NICE guy too! Watch out…a bullet point list is coming up: • Updates on the next Plini record • Stories of Plini and Periphery on tour • Albums…

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An Education In Listening with Chris Allison (Plini)

Educators! This is the episode for you. Chris Allison is perhaps best known for touring the world as drummer of Plini, but he’s both a highly skilled student and educator. Chris brewed his morning coffee and joined Matt, Jordan, and Justin from his home in Sydney, Australia. The front half of this conversation explores philosophies…

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Sound Advice with Ronnie Young (Live Audio Engineer)

Ronnie Young is used to being on the road, ensuring your favorite bands (Animals As Leaders, Plini, Periphery) sound good in the room. Now, like most of us, he’s safely at home. But this hasn’t stopped him from finding ways to be creative, productive, and social. Ronnie joins the entire CC crew from the UK…

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