The Generous Wisdom of Donnie Wahlberg

The Generous Wisdom of Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg is on a mission to spread to love others. But he wisely understands that everything starts within.

He generously dives deep with Matt, Jordan, and Justin on the many ways in which he practices becoming more “awake,” or cultivating a present-moment awareness. He shares why he starts his day with gratitude, the importance of offering his full attention to whomever he’s with, imposter syndrome, his definition of and the ways he responds to his ego, the active work to deepen his marriage with Jenny McCarthy, the ways we unconsciously project our own shit onto others and his strategy for responding to this, and still…so much more.

It’s not too often we come across an A-list celebrity with the generosity, wisdom, humility, kindness, and enthusiasm that Donnie shares on this episode. We’re all better for these 75 minutes.

Referenced by Donnie in this episode:
Byron Katie (The Work)
Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life)

“House Party” music video (proceeds benefit No Kid Hungry)
New Kids On The Block

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