Transitional Forms with Lauren Kashan (Sharptooth)

Transitional Forms with Lauren Kashan (Sharptooth)

Transitional Forms with Lauren Kashan (Sharptooth)

Lauren returns! Much has changed since she last chatted with us in November 2017. She moved to Boston. Her band, Sharptooth, played the final full US run of Warped Tour and traveled the world. And they have a new record out this week on Pure Noise Records!

She joins Matt, Jordan, and Justin to chat about all of that and more. Although Matt and Lauren made eggs together on Warped Tour and grew up in a hyperlocal Baltimore County music community, this is their first official meeting. Jordan and Justin go way back with Lauren to the days in which she’d be the one starting non-generic mosh pits at their mid aughts shows.

What else is covered? Great question!

• what her transition is like physically and emotionally before and after sets

• her feelings about being a representative for women in her music community

• developing skills and career opportunities outside of music

• what it’s like releasing a new album during a global pandemic

• what she wants people to take away most from the new record

• Sharptooth’s new music video “Say Nothing (In The Absence Of Content)”

You can look at our faces while listening to this conversation!

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